A Must Read For Experienced And Novice Investors: 29 5-Star Reviews

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5 stars, A MUST READ! 

By IMF, on Amazon.com

This review is from: The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The book that Wall Street does not want you to read! (Hardcover)

MUST READ - I read this book 3 times within the first week that it was given to me. I am constantly referencing it on a daily basis to ensure that Steve's investment strategy is my main focus and that I'm not reverting back to my old more emotional investment M/O.

The book goes into depth of how to choose a diversification of quality income producing investments. The strategy is methodical and the first month I implemented it on my accounts I started to see results....my profits improved and I'm ensured a monthly income even if I don't trade!... oh yea, he also addresses the psychology of the average investor which I think almost everyone can relate to some aspect and the importance of kicking those habits.

I've even missed out on some buying opportunities because I haven't kicked one of my old bad habits of purchase indecisiveness even though the book's strategy told me to buy it. Most importantly, I'm not a fan of those college fund plans and instead have set up a brokerage account for my kids' college fund and I am no longer fearful of losing their college funds because I can trade with confidence.... This book is a - MUST READ!

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