Play Kiawah's World Famous Ocean Course For Free and For Two

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In 2012, the PGA Championship was contested at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, SC.. Here's your opportunity to win a free twosome round, including the caddie, at perhaps the world's best and most beautiful oceanside golf course.

Normal Greens Fees are from $275 to $360 per person, depending on the season, making this a $550 value --- minimum. Yes, I'm footing the entire bill for golf, the caddie, and I'll throw in a dozen almost brand new golf balls! I'll be playing along with you, just to take care of the beverage cart (within reason) --- cigars are your responsibility.

Just click here to buy a new copy of "The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The Book That Wall Street Does Not Want YOU to Read" and indicate your interest in the lottery. You will be entered in all future drawings for the free round (for two) at The Ocean Course. Drawings will be held at 25 entrant "break points", even if that produces more than four winners per year. Just one entry per person please.

  • Think about it this way. If you don't win, the book is a great gift for anyone you know who has ever lost significant dollars in the investment markets.
  • If you do win, you and a friend, spouse, child, relative, etc., get to play one of the top tracks in the entire world for free.

Winners names (and scores) will be posted on this website. As of August 7th, there were just 8 names in the first drawing bucket. Hmmmm, if you and three of your closest friends enter, your chances of playing The Ocean Course for free are pretty good.

All entrants get a free link to their business, if requested, right here, so send your "link" along after you make the book purchase:

Market Cycle Investment Management
3912 Betsy Kerrison Pkwy
Johns Island, SC 29455
Phone (800) 245-0494 • Fax (843) 243-8509
Contact Steve directly for additional information: 800-245-0494

Please read this disclaimer:
Steve Selengut is registered as an investment adviser representative. His assessments and opinions are purely his own. None of the information presented here should be construed as an endorsement of any business entity; the information is only intended to be educational and thought provoking.

The Working Capital Model - Market Cycle Investment Management - Mentoring Program

Professional Investor/Manager Steve Selengut walks you through the Market Cycle Investment Management (MCIM) portfolio management process. He'll hold your hand, answer your questions, and do everything short of security selection as you learn how to run your own (or your client's) portfolio.

The Mentoring Program includes:

  • The "Brainwashing" Book or E-Book
  • A preliminary portfolio review and retirement ready planning session
  • One hour of conversation per month.

The mentoring program is private

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Please read this disclaimer:
Steve Selengut is registered as an investment advisor representative. His assessments and opinions are purely his own and do not represent the views of any other entity. None of his commentary is or should be considered either investment advice or a solicitation of business. Anyone seeking individualized investment advice should contact a qualified investment adviser. None of the information presented in this article is intended to be or should be construed as an endorsement of any entity or organization. The reader should not assume that any strategies, or investments mentioned are any more than illustrations --- they are never recommendations, and others will most certainly disagree with the thoughts presented in the article.